You may or may not know what HTML is, but chances are you’ve heard it’s better to have an HTML website than a Flash one.

That is correct in a time where a Google search (and Bing and Yahoo search too) is the go-to-thing-to-do when you’re looking for anything – information, a restaurant, a plumber, a dentist, a photographer!

Flash sites are notoriously invisible to search engines because their text content is not picked up. Of course, there are methods by which one was able to SEO a Flash website, but Google and the other search engines are continually changing their algorithms and, it seems, they no longer like Flash websites, in fact, they frown upon them. On top of that, iPhone and iPad stubbornly refuse to display any Flash content whatsoever. So why handcuff yourself with a Flash website.

A WordPress theme is the obvious choice for photographers looking to launch a great-looking, very customizable (there is a free WordPress plugin for just about anything), SEO-friendly website. The blog comes integrated into the theme and editing is a breeze.